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Freelance Design/Branding Consultant

  • Sherman Transou - Life Coach  (pdf of products on right)

      website (undergoing client self-creation classes)​


  • Ripples Spa - Karl Dawson     (pdf of products on right)

      website (undergoing client self-creation classes)​


  • Blissful Studio & Gallery        (pdf of products on right)


  • Karen Williams                  (pdf of products on right)


  • Eyvette Abbot - ShayShay's   (pdf of products on right)

Consultative Sales Associate

SEARS - Winston Salem - Winston Salem, NC​

  • Recreated/reduced training manuals into game format for easier training

Art Director | Freelance Designer   


Aesthetic Designs & Marketing -  Virgin Islands

... a resource for building a better business. From concept to implementation - produces and renders company’s offerings -- everything needed to market a business successfully -- in the areas of Graphic Design, Corporate ID/Branding, Print Production, Web Design, Adverting, and Promotion.

Successfully perpetuated over 20 business design contracts and accounts. 

Sample Clients include;


Bougainvillea Clinic​: 

Graphic Design, Branding and Marketing services - Marketing Plan

for Advertising and Social Media Posting was developed.​


General Products:

Ads Online:      Banner (960x90px)    Side(​​​​​​​​​300x200px)   Banner(650x200px)

Specific Doctor Products:​

aesthetic logo1.jpg
Aestheic Door.jpg
Bougainvillea logo.jpg

Dr. Ahrena

Brochure: 4/4(8.5x11')   

​Cover Photo: Facebook Header 

Ads Newspaper:  Knee |  Carpal 

Ads Online: Banner(960x90px)   

Ads Social Media:  Knee | Carpal 

Dr. Donaldson 


Cover Photo:

Ads Newspaper: B/W (4x7.5")

Ad Online: Banner(650x200px) 

Ads Social Media:  RGB (7x7")

Dr. Stoutt 

Brochure:  4/4(8.5x11") 

Cover Photo:

Ads Newspaper NP/BW(4x6") 

Ad Online: Banner(650x200px) 

Ads Social Media:  RGB(7X7")  

Dr. Logan 

Brochure: 4/4(8.5x11")     

Cover Photo:

Ads Newspaper:  BW(4x6") 

Ads Online:  Banner(650x200px)  


Ads Social Media:  Set1(7x7")     




Cover Photo:

Ads Newspaper: BW(4x6)   

Ad Online: Banner(650x200px) 

Ads Online:  RGB(7x7")

Dr. Davis  

Brochure: 4/4(8.5x11")     

Cover Photo:         

Ads Newspaper: BW(4x6")         

Ads Online: Banner(650x200px)   


Ads Social Media: Set1(7x7")   


Partners for Kids

Graphic Design

Facebook cover


Ads Online:

- Side ad

- Banner Ad


Eureka Medical

Graphic Design Services and Social Media Management Services

Dr. Frett:

Social Media Tip Ads:





Bowel Movement



Online Ad:

General (300x250px)

Pirate (300x250px)

Dr. Jones

Skin Cancer Screening Ad

Laser Hair Removal Ad

General Ad:  

Online ad (see below)



Historic Main Street British Virgin Islands  

Coming together to build a Historic Pedestrian Walking Museum ... Offering Shopping and a Cultural Experience.

Being one of the merchants on Main Street, this organization was developed to promote and attract business to the area as a shopping destination and a historical, cultural pedestrian-friendly museum. One could enjoy

a great variety of items for sale, like art by local and Caribbean artists, island and resort wear, beach bags, spices, fine wines, toys, nautical antiques, hand-crafted and international jewelry, freshly baked goods and much more - a treat to both locals and visitors, alike. Therefore an association was formed to preserve and cultivate the outstanding value it brought to the British Virgin Islands. Community Events included  • Walking Tours • Shopping History • Culture • Educational.

Carol designed and implemented

the following products

  • map - folded to 1/8 of the

open size - pocket size

Experience BVI Magazine



Carol designed and implemented

the following products:  

  • monthly magazine

LocallyMadeBVI was founded in 2015 with the desires to "...empowering women and other artisans through the arts to promote a sustainable economy and to educate and prepare participants with ways and avenues to build their product brand including appropriate packaging, marketing, and product placement." Carol is not only just a founder but also a representing artist.

Graphic Designer

BVI Finance   formally BVI International Finance Centre     |  reference

Branding, Webdesign, Graphic Design, Marketing, Database Management, Event Planning, Promotions, Marketing and Public Relations

main street_edited.jpg


Fine Artist Clients


Branding | Marketing 

Merchandising | Packaging

Rotary Club Roadtown

Virgin Islands, British


25th Anniversary




Tickets $150 | $135 | $35

20th Anniversary


Sponsorship Form

Anniversary Pin

Gala Raffle Ticket


Virgin Islands, British


Campaign Mini Brochures

"Let There Be LITE"

8.5x11"- 3-fold-4x4

Buy Local


Island Dermotology

Virgin Islands, British


Business Items

Business Card | Logo



About Dr. Jones Ad


Skin Cancer Ad1|Ad2 | Ad3

"Happiness" Ad 6"x8"

"Before After" Ads | Poster

CanCan Cafe

Virgin Islands, British


Business Card

Letterhead | Comp Slip

Facebook profile | Header

Jocelyn Maritime

Virgin Islands, British


Course: Leadership, Crisis & Crowd Management

Booklet | Flyer | Ad

DataPro ​​ | Business Cards​                             Hector  | Wedding Invitation     

Thornton & Smith | Magazine Ads

  • Linkedin Profile
  • Facebook Profile
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